What is Body Detox?

So what is body detox? Well, this is a term that is short for body detoxification and is the body’s natural process of neutralizing toxins and preparing them for elimination from the body through the actions of the liver, kidneys bowels, lungs and sweat glands in the skin. From time to time, this is also something that the body feels the need to do which is also the basis for a person’s decision to become fitter, cutting back on alcohol or totally stopping from taking it in, giving up smoking or going organic.


Body detox helps to rid of the body of potentially harmful chemicals, as well as improving the function of important elimination organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestinal tract and skin.

A Healthy Lifestyle

When you are in a detoxification program, it is always encouraged to follow it up with healthy eating even after the program.  But how do we really start to eat healthy?  Here are few tips to a lifestyle of healthy eating. 

Basics.  This is what we will share with you.  First, is do not skip any meal.  If you skip a meal and you become hungry, the most natural thing is to choose the foods that are not good for you.  If you only have healthy foods at home, then take some with you to eat in the office, instead of buying outside.  Second is experiment on how to prepare foods the healthy way.  Instead of frying, grilling or using the microwave to cook your food, try adding in fresh or dried herbs and spices to flavor your food.  Third is if you could at all help it, skip using white sugar.  It is a major source of empty energy.

A healthy lifestyle is attainable if one will just put his heart into it. The old adage, “Health is Wealth,”  is still true to this day.  

Organs of Detoxification in the Body

Our skin is the largest detox organ and has important eliminatory functions. Increasing numbers of people suffer form inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and skin infections, or the skin mght simply appear dingy. Clarity, texture and appearance are readily improved by detoxification, making skin seem literally to glow with health.


The intestinal tract also has important eliminatory actions, yet disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, dysbiosis (abnormal bacterial balance) and constipation are widespread.

Follow up Detox with Healthy Eating Habits

The choice of eating healthy does not always come easy. In fact, detoxification often always is followed up by discomfort at first. But the key here is to forsee what will be of benefit for you and your body, in the long haul.


Avoid committing the mistake of doing these myth busters. Some of which I hope to mention in this post. The first one is working out on an empty stomach. If you would at all think about it, it is really but common sense. Working out on an empty stomach is like forcing a car to drive on an empty fuel tank. To rely on energy bars and drinks, regardless of how natural they claim to be. Fruits and vegetables do not just aide in detoxification, but are actually your best bet to loading your body with the vitamins, minerals, fluid and fiber that it needs. Skipping breakfast is also a no-no, for the obvious reason that you need energy to go throughout the day.

Changing your eating habits is the best step towards healthy living. Going through a system of detoxification once a year may be helpful, but to follow it up with healthy eating habits will up your chances to living longer and healthier.

Complementary Techniques Used During Body Detoxification

During the body detox process there are some other complementary techniques that can also be used. Below is a list of some of the techniques:


1. Massage 
2. Skin Brushing 
3. Hydrotherapy 
4. Meditation 
5. Homeopathy 
6. Acupuncture 
7. Aromatherapy


The use of these various techniques can help anyone feel more energized, relaxed and indulged as their overall health improves during the body detox process.