Toxic Habits to Give Up

A number of lifestyle and personal factors can also indicate that a person needs detox. These include:

1. Drinking more than two alcoholic beverages per day

2. Smoking cigarettes

3. Use of illegal drugs

4. Working long hours with no time for relaxation or pleasurable activities

5. Absenteeism

6. Having Mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth

7. Taking painkillers regularly

8. Undergoing a recent course of antibiotics

Preparing for Detox

Preparation is often always the secret to a successful endeavor. This applies to detoxification as well. If you have very well readied yourself (emotionally and physically), then chances are you are going to be successful in doing your detoxification goal.

Whatever technique of detoxification you wish to go through, learn about it. Ask around and more importantly consult your doctor about it. Check it does not clash with your current health condition. Have a plan. Set a date. As early as you can, take off the caffeine from your diet, as well as sugar, salt and everything that causes toxins to swarm inside our bodies. Smaller meals from two weeks before the scheduled detox will be beneficial because it will prepare your body to adjust

How About Water Detox?

Much has been said about detoxification and water is a major factor in the detoxification process. There are those who would rather do water detox. Again, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of consulting your doctor when it comes to detoxification, whatever means you would like to have it done.


In water detoxification, you are expected to drink atleast five liters of water. That is double the amount of a person’s regular water intake. At this rate, the body will function its detoxification in a more efficient manner than if the body is with less water.

Water detox does not require you to stop eating solid foods. Lesser eating can be advantageous, but it is not wise to skip eating solid foods altogether. You can also eat fibrous foods in lieu of the regular diet of a meat eater. Ideally, water detoxification is done for four days, tops.

Liquid Diets in Detoxification

Let’s start of with detoxification via intake of everything liquid. This is a common type of detoxification. When a person is under all liquid diet, the stomach adjusts and shrinks its size in such a way that the dieter would later feel full sooner than he got used to.

Liquid diets also act as diuretic which would causes a laxative effect and would later rid of unwanted toxins from the body. Over the year the toxins inside our bodies have multiplied and it takes time for them to come out via detoxification. Take note that detoxification should not be rushed. The danger of withdrawal will always be there. This is why it is important to be guided by the doctor as you go about the detoxification process.

Mercury and Detox Health Alert

Mercury is a highly toxic metal found in pesticides and fungicides, fish (especially tuna) from polluted waters, industrial waste and dental amalgams.


It is important to avoid having mercury amalgam tooth fillings removed or inserted during detox. Consulting a dentist who specializes in the removal of almalgam fillings can be an option after detox. Teeth are usually restored in quadrants – one quarter of the mouth at a time – and supplements that bind to mercury and help to eliminate it from the body should be taken. It is estimated that for every year mercury amalgams have been in your mouth, it will take a month for your body to detox itself and for all mercury to be removed from the tissues.