Going on a Detox Diet

Some have this false assumption that a detox diet is scary, even brutal. Fact is, a detox diet is just about maintaining a better lifestyle. Eating the right kinds of foods and having a lifestyle that has invites the least amount of toxins in the body. Toxins are everywhere, it is even in the air that we breathe.



A detox diet can prove to be the one thing that will keep you to your toes in the long haul. As you introduce the right diet to your body, it expels the toxic elements that have found solace in your system. Total Detox will later discuss the varied detoxification diets that you might want to start to look into and actually work on.

Detoxify to Prevent Diseases

Why do we need to detoxify anyway? Is it really more than just a fad that people are obsessing over these days? Fact is, we do need to detoxify our system from toxin buildup that our bodies have accumulated through the years. Toxin elimination should be done so that our bodies will properly function. You will be surprised how much toxins are in the food that we eat and even water that we drink.

There are different ways of detoxification and it is up to the individual which procedure will be for you. It has been proven that toxins are what causes cancers and several diseases. With liver being one of the most vital organs of our body, its detoxification is necessary for our bodies to be able to function in their optimum level.

Assessing Detox Needs Through Reflexology

Reflexology, an ancient art, can be used as a diagnostic technique. This is based on the principle that certain reflexes, specific points on the hands and feet , are indirectly related to all other organs, structures and functions of the body.

In reflexology, used as a complementary therapy, the areas are mapped out on the feet and the hands, with right corresponding to right and left corresponding to left. Diagnosis is done by applying pressure to reflex points reveals areas of tenderness and these help pinpoint parts of the body that are especially affected by toxicity.

In this complementary therapy, the tender spots are massaged using tiny pressure movements. This is thought to stimulate nerves into sending messages to distant organs and relieving symptoms. The art of reflexology is known to improve circulation, and normalize body functions. It is also known to relieve a variety of toxicity-related symptoms like migraine, mucus congestion, digestive problems and stress.

Detox Foot Pads

What exactly are detox foot pads? Does it really work? How exactly does it detoxify our body? A lot of claims have been made. It does have their scientific explanations how it works and there are real advantages with its use.


Most detox foot pads are worn around the feet before retiring to bed at night. A wearer is encouraged to use the detox foot pads for at least eight hours to maximize its benefits. A warm sensation will be felt around the area during the time of use. This is proof that detoxification is already in process.

You should expect the pads that are worn around your feet to be colored or even sticky when you take it off in the morning. These are the toxins that were trapped inside your body that were released with the help of the detox foot pads.