Oil Pulling Therapy

All diseases start in the mouth – this is the theory behind the oil pulling therapy. Another alternative for those people who considers detoxification.

Oil Pulling Therapy uses edible oil, whether sunflower oil or virgin coconut oil and swishing a tablespoon inside the mouth for 20 minutes. The theory is that the oil magnetizes the toxins out of the body. Pulling the bad elements off our body when you spit it out.

Inexpensive Detoxification

When executing your detoxification plan, you do not have to spend so much that you would sacrifice the other things you were planning on purchasing, like those laptop deals you have been preparing for. All you need to do is learn the different ways to detoxify your body and you can use the natural and inexpensive ways. Take some time to read the entries in this blog to learn more.

Tips to Help Stop Smoking Cigarettes

When undergoing detoxification, it will be very wise to stay off foods or keeping away from habits that add toxins to one’s system and below are some simple tips to help those who want to stop smoking cigars.

1. Find support because quitting is easier with the help of someone – a friend or a partner

2. Cut out a number of cigarettes per day and start with those that you will miss the least

3. Continue reducing your intake until you stop gradually

4. Name the day to quit and get into the right frame of mind

5. Remove temptation by clearing your room, cupboard, etc. of tobacco supplies, lighters, ash trays, etc.

6. Take it one day at a time

7. Keep a detox smoking chart and tick of everyday you keep within your target

8. Plan a reward for every week of success

9. Relax. Get a massage, attend yoga classes or try meditating

10. Keep your hands busy with a hobby like origami, painting, wood working, embroidery, etc.

11. Increase the amount of regular exercise to curb withdrawal symptoms

12. Ask friends and relatives not to smoke around you

I honestly and sincerely hope that these tips to help you stop smoking cigarettes will be very helpful and effective; may you be successful.

Your Detox Program and Education

As you pursue your own detox program, it doesn’t have to hurt your other endeavors like your technical or managerial concentration on studies. Especially if you are pursuing masters information security at Lewis University Online.

Lewis University offers a Master of Science in Information Security and has two majors or concentrations as mentioned above. They have a Managerial Concentration which is perfect for IT analysts, managers and directors. Their Technical Concentration provides hands-on training and identification of security breaches which are all very relevant to the IT workplace. Visit their site for more information on this program.

Organic Thanakha Soap: An Organic, Beauty, Germicidal and Medicinal Soap Rolled Into One

If you are looking for an effective organic soap, beauty soap, germicidal soap and a medicinal soap then what you need is the Organic Thanakha Soap because it has all these characteristics. Its main ingredient is taken from the Thanakha which is a tree that smoothens and beautifies the skin and is a phytochemical, is antibacterial, antifungal and is anti-aging because it is an alternative to eye creams that claim to have the same effects.

The Organic Thanakha Soap which is an organic, beauty, germicidal and medicinal soap rolled into one, contains(GSH) Glutathione and Rose Hips oil. With its powerful content but mild action, it effectively removes scars, moisturizes dry skin, helps in treatment of burns, and removes stretch marks using natural ingredients.

The cost of the soap is P150 (PHP) or about $3.50 (USD) and is also available in paste form at the cost of P750 (PHP) or $16.50 (USD) and is distributed in the Philippines by my wife through her website KikayCorner.net. For orders, you can visit her site. You can also find information about Thanakha paste and the Organice Thanakha Soap in her site.