Energizing Supplements for Detoxification: Magnesium

Magnesium is a metal responsible for the function of over 300 enzymes and is vital for every major metabolic reaction in the body, from the synthesis of proteins, essential fatty acids and genetic material to the production of energy from glucose.

Few enzymes can work without Magnesium and lack of it leads to cell death due to the depletion of energy stores. Magnesium levels decrease with age, and lack of Magnesium might play a role in premature aging by reducing efficacy of enzymes and metabolic reactions.

A recommended dose is 300 mg per day. It is included in vitamin and mineral tablets and capsules.

A Simple Tip for Your Detox Diet

In starting your detox program, a certain diet must be established. When the diet program is set, one needs to make sure that he or she finds the best buy as you get groceries for the necessary food and ingredients to help you detoxify your body. This is something that is very practical because being in a detox program does not necessarily mean that one has to shell out so much money.

Stress Relief Tip: The Chinese “Inner Smile” Technique

A quick and refreshing exercise that can help relieve stress is a Chinese technique called the “inner smile”. This technique takes only a few minutes and brings rapid relaxation and rejuvenation to help leave tensions behind.

Below are the simple steps of the Chinese “Inner Smile” technique:
1. Sit comfortably with your back straight and your arms relaxed at your side.
2. Imagine something that makes you smile.
3. Allow yourself to smile internally so that it is felt only by you – the smile does not have to be visible to anybody else.
4. Let the smile shine out of your eyes and travel inwards to spread all over your body, before concentrating just below your navel in an area known to the Chinese as tan tien (the seat of your constitutional essence).
5. As the smile radiates within, notice how relaxed, calm and refreshed you feel.
6. Once you feel relaxed yet energized, you can continue what you were previously doing enriched by feelings of warmth, harmony and inner strength.

These are the steps to achieving stress relief using the Chinese “Inner Smile” technique.

Stress Relief Through Exercise or Recreation

An important thing to note if you are undergoing total detox is maintaining a balanced life. There must be balance between happy and outgoing times and serious and grave matters. The key is to be relieved of stress, whether you are exercising or not.

If you are in the tropics, going to the beach can be something that is helpful. If you are in the colder regions, skiing can be an option if you are one who likes and enjoys that hobby.

Those based in Colorado have aspen ski rentals available to service those interested to rent equipment. There is also vail ski rentals which provide the same quality of service for those who want to get stress relief through skiing. Another one is whistler ski rentals. All these three can be called upon to provide services and equipment They offer great services and quality customer service which can also relieve you of the stress which comes when dealing with companies or individuals who offer bad service.

So, if you are on that detoxification plan, include recreation and stress relieving activities that you enjoy doing. The laughter and the fun time can help you live a balanced, healthy and stress free life.