Halloween vs Stress

Just as much as we need to rid our bodies of toxins from time to time, we also have to go and say yes to events like that of a Halloween Invitation. It is one way to de stress ourselves from all the busyness of our working lives. Stress is one of the main causes of diseases and recharging and reconnecting with friends via events like Holidays and Halloween is one of them. Continue reading

Health Alert! Salt

While salt may be the staple flavor enhancer, it doe snot mean that it is the healthiest.  If at all, it has such minute nutritional benefit to the body.  If one is on a diet, one of the things that you make sure you avoid is to eat salt rich foods.  Stay away from too much salt and eat foods as bland as possible.  This is what detoxification is all about.  In no time your taste palate will be able to adjust to the lack of salt in your diet.

If you have a hard time adjusting to bland foods, try sprinkling some lime juice instead to your food.  This decreases the craving of salty foods.

Totally Detoxifying

A great addition to the stainless steel backsplash in your kitchen are cooking utensils that are made up of metals that are non-toxic . This is very important for someone who is trying to totally detoxify his or her body. The choice of food and even utensils is important. Not that you have to be so picky but this is just an essential for those trying to remove toxins totally from their bodies.

Fasting as a Form of Detoxification


Since the ancient times, fasting has been always considered as a religious ritual in many religions. But the truth is, the benefit does not just stop on the spiritual condition of a person. Even holistic practitioners have come to believe that restrictions on diet has its profound benefits to the body and has a way to expel toxins out of the system. Continue reading