Diet or Detox? Or Both?

“Diet, diet, diet.” This is what a lot of people who are trying to get fit need to do butfind difficult to do. How about hitting two birds with one stone?

“Detox, detox, detox.” When you detoxify yourself and eat the proper foods, you will find that it will not only cleanse your body but also slowly help you shed off that extra weight and help you fit in to those breeches. Try the total detox lifestyle.

Common Things Can be Toxic

One of the things I learned in total detox of the body is that everyday, without us noticing, we encounter substances that are toxic. These substances can be in the food we eat, in the things we use and the air we inhale.

Common things like second hand smoking or the amalgam that your dentist uses on you can be reasons to detoxify. As you walk on your copper tile and think about things you need to cleanse yourself from, consider what I shared in this post.

Have You Started Planning Your Total Detox Regimen?

So have you started planning your total detox regimen? You should plan it and implement it right away you know. First, you need to consult your physician for guidance. But since detoxification generally uses natural and healthy substances to cleanse our bodies from toxic substances.

You also will need to identify substances you are allergic to so when you start your total detox regimen you can avoid those foods that causes allergic reactions. Once you start your detoxification, you will feel like an unlocked phone which can use any network. You will feel so free and fresh from the toxic substances. But, do keep in mind that detoxification do not produce quick results so be patient.