Pregnancy and detoxification

Can pregnancy and detoxification go together? The answer here is it depends on the level of detoxification you are undergoing while pregnant. There are subtle kinds of detoxification and then there is the full fledged one. If you happen to be doing detoxification for a while before pregnancy, then detox has already been a part of your lifestyle and this should not bother your being in the family way. Continue reading

Mono Fruit Detoxification Diet

While the juice fast might be one of the more popular types of detoxification diets, there are a specific groups of individuals who actually prefer to detoxification wherein they will only use one fruit for fasting at an extended period of time. This is called Mono Fruit Detoxification Diet. Experts say that this is the best kind of diet to try out for those who have not undergone any type of detoxification process.

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Detoxification Diet: Juice Fast

There are a handful of different types of detoxification. One of the more popular type is known as Juice Fast. This is probably one of the easiest type of detoxification. All you will need is a juice extractor. You choose between vegetable juice or fruit juice. Always make sure not to mix vegetable from fruit to maximize benefits. Because the enzymes of the former is different from the former.

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