Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai Massage In One

This afternoon I am planning to visit a spa in one of the big malls in Pasig City. After an extensive workout and training with a 10th degree black belt from UK last Friday, my body felt sore and it still does. I have been advised to take pain relievers but did not do so because I do not believe that is healthy for me. Continue reading

Relaxing Your Mind and Body

Listening to relaxing music is a great way to relax. Listening to relaxing music while getting a massage or an aromatherapy is another thing. Music like the sound of the ocean, flowing water, gentle and relaxing sounds of a door chime or anything that soothes your ears can help as you get a massage. A whole body massage can relax your body but the music can help you relax your mind. You should try it.

Will Have My Netbook Serviced

I’m bringing my Asus Eee PC 1005HA netbook to the service center tomorrow. It has been very handy and useful during my travels especially because I can write blog entries for my Total Detox blog and others. But lately the netbook has been causing me stress because its keyboard is messed up. When I don’t need it, the “b” key keeps on typing and when it stops and I need to type “b”, it won’t work. The good thing is it’s still under warranty and I won’t need to shop for another netbook like an Acer Aspire or MSI Wind or the like.