Truck Driver: How Do I Stop Smoking?

Question: I am a truck driver and travel through most of the winter season. I keep my body warm by using humidor and I’ve had no problems with it until recently when my doctor said that I need to start living healthy and eventually get rid of my habit. How can I stop?

Answer: I am not an expert but I have had my own experiences with kicking that habit. One thing I did was lessening the amount of cigars I consumed at first. But doing this would depend on how urgent your doctor is with making you stop smoking. But if it is not that urgent, you can try that. If you consume two to three cigars every after meals you can try reducing it to two for a week and then drop down to one the following week. You can also try taking mint candy to replace the other cigar sticks you drop.

Playing Music While Running

Music is one great tool in exercising and indirectly, detoxification as well. People who jog or run utilize music to keep them motivated as they exercise on a tread mill, a path on the park or the route you take to the office. Playing music through your in-ear or Bluetooth stereo headset does not necessarily mean you have to play it loud like you’re using an Egnater Tweaker for your electric guitar but loud enough to help you focus on your running.

Calf Muscle Exercise Tip: While Waiting in Line

Here is another exercise tip while you are waiting in a long line inside a bank or paying bills somewhere beside stanchions. You can do calf exercises while waiting in line. By tip toeing, you use your calf muscles. By lifting your weight slowly through tip toeing you use and exercise your calf muscles. Now, of course, you would not want to look foolish while standing in line. You can do it discreetly and doing it slowly does that job. It gives the exercise your calf muscles need but at the same time let’s you do the exercise discreetly.

Three Tips to Improve Over All Health

During the times when I worked as a supervisor of a packing list envelopes company, I did not have time to exercise, would take home some work and ate unhealthily. When I came across principles and teaching about detoxification, I started getting interested and became determined to cleanse my body from toxins that can harm me in my older years. Continue reading

Maximizing Daily Activities and Emergency Situations

Getting some exercise out of everyday routine or even emergency situations is a way to maximize the energy you expend. The walking done during shopping can be used to help you burn off calories. The amount of work you put in during a car problem like replacement of brake rotors or of a flat tire can also help you shed off some unwanted calories. Take time to exercise instead of complaining during these emergencies and mundane activities.