Safety First Then Health

Safety in all the things you engage in is of primary importance whether while you’re working out, driving your car or motor bike or when you’re out to exercise. Proper handling of gym equipment must be learned. The use of proper riding gears are important and for motorcycle boots of your choice is a place to get them. The use of handsfree devices are essential while driving your car. Safety should not be overlooked especially because health is nothing without life.

What Detoxification is Not

First and foremost, detoxification is not rehabilitation. Detoxification is actually the first step to drug or alcohol treatment or rehabilitation. A person who jumps right to rehabilitation is only shooting darts on air. For the most part, detoxification should always be geared towards helping the patient manage the withdrawal symptoms that he or she is to experience when he takes the substance out of his diet. Continue reading

The Body’s Own Detox Mechanism

Did you know that our body has its own detoxification mechanism? This is one of the reasons why ear doctors discourage the use of cotton buds as it only paves the way to ear infections. The body has its way of expelling unwanted organism or bacteria, for that matter.

When it comes to internal organs, the gut and the liver have their very special detoxification functions by preventing bacteria to enter the body. Continue reading