Healthy Christmas Celebration

We’re here at home, celebrating meaningfully, singing our hearts out, while playing the guitar and a yamaha piano, singing Christmas songs and sharing blessings and lessons learned in the past year. This has been the best Christmas ever. Another thing special about this celebration is the healthy food we prepared. The balanced variety of dishes served made it more exciting for everyone to eat dinner and share. This has been the most spiritually and emotionally restful Christmas I have experienced.

Detoxifying the Heart and the Mind

Tomorrow is the last day of the week and a holiday follows right after it here in our country. I can’t help but think of a family activity like a picnic, a family outing or a fun activity like riding kids ATVs to relieve the whole family of some stress to detoxify the heart and mind. Though this may not necessarily detoxify the body, it can purify the mind and heart of tension brought about by demands during the week like work and school. Going out as a family is a quick way of detoxifying the mind and heart.

Revisiting Hong Kong

We are one week away from our marriage anniversary celebration which we do annually and for this year, my family and I are going to Hong Kong. It is not the first time that’s why we are excited because we will have a chance to return to Disneyland again and this time, wait for the fireworks display. This time of the year is the cold season so that is a nice change from the tropics but not as cold as having to wear winter clothes and yaktrax. I am now counting the days and am so excited.

Stress from Work and Christmas Party Preparations

The workplace is a huge source of stress especially these days that we are handling support for a big company’s peak season. Aside from that, my team and I are preparing for a Christmas party presentation and we are competing against other departments for a cash prize and for pride. This has become a source of stress for me even though I know that certain members of the team play guitar, a cool fender cabronita bass and I, drums. I hope we can come up with a good idea and produce a winning number.

A Reliable Antivirus Cuts Down Stress

Last week I upgraded to ESET endpoint antivirus business edition because I was having problems with my desktop at home. While blogging, so many windows suddenly popped up. It happened after I accidentally clicked a link in my email. I knew instantly that it activated a virus or a malware. SO what I immediately did was upgrade my antivirus software and once done, I could go back to stress-free blogging again.