W1N International Corporation: Manufacturer and Marketer of Health and Beauty Products

A new company that manufactures and markets health and beauty products and beverages was officially launched last December 2012. The name of the company is W1N (Winners and Independent Networkers) International Corporation. Their manufacturing plant is one of eight manufacturing companies that have received GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification in the Philippines, one of which is Unilever.

W1N (Winners and Independent Networkers) International Corporation logo

Since they manufacture their our own products they are quality-controlled. Their products are BFAD and HALAL approved. Prices are more affordable and competitively priced.

W1N International’s current line of products are the following: Continue reading

Swimming: Best Aerobic Workout

Swimming is a great aerobic workout. More muscles are used when you swim therefore the workout is more encompassing than any other workout. You can have your own swimming pool set up through http://www.poolsupplyunlimited.com or you can pay and rent a pool for your personal workout.


But first, you need to learn how to swim, of course. Otherwise, you will struggle in the water and instead of getting a workout, you will just use up time with no valid exercise accomplished. Try to learn how to swim and build your endurance and stamina through it.