Hiring a Wedding Planner to Reduce Stress of Bride and Groom

I just attended a wedding two Sundays ago and I just realized how stressful wedding preparations can be for couples. It is highly recommended to hire a wedding planner or even a day coordinator so that the bride and groom can focus on being present not only physically in mind and in heart during the ceremony without having to be constantly thinking about small details. The wedding planner or coordinator can pay attention to details as small as getting the mens wedding band from jewelryvortex.com to contacting all guests and preparing the list for both the wedding and the reception. Hiring a wedding coordinator or planner helps reduce stress for the bride and groom.

Hitting the Beach This Summer

I’m bracing for some summer fun and plan on hitting the beach and maybe even spending some wakeboarding time in Davao City this coming March. I will make sure to prepare boarding shorts, swim wear, some Carrera Sunglasses, sunblock and lots of moola so I can take advantage of the summer heat and the clear beach waters of Samal Island. With the whole family with me I’m sure it would be a great time to release some stress and to enjoy.