Construction and Stress Management

We have been having a second floor built on our 48 square-meter property since January and I never realized how stressful house construction, budgeting and industrial supplies management is. Sometimes stress comes with managing the finances, when I try to stretch the budget so that the construction materials will all fit the budget and that the workers are really doing their work to maximize the budget for labor and minimize the number of total work hours for their work. It takes firm persistence and presence of mind to handle such things and eating healthy, getting enough sleep and having an outlet to unwind helps me in handling the stress.

Playing Music Anytime, Anywhere with my iPad

A few years ago, I downloaded an app in my iPad that I can use during times when I feel down and stressed. I love playing music when things around me seem dark. I play the guitar, and I really appreciated this simple app that I can use anywhere with my guitar, iPad, iRig guitar connector and a pair of headphones. I used to really want my friends to buy boss me 25 effects but with this app I can get a cheaper substitute. With it I can relax while playing music, anytime, anywhere.

Relaxing With ‘Always With Me, Always With You’ by Joe Satriani

When I feel down, stressed and need some relaxation, one thing I turn to aside from exercise is some relaxing music. I am a bit of a rocker so when I say relaxing music it’s not necessarily the oriental spa music. What I mean is the relaxing music of the rock genre where you hear Gretsch rock guitars or the like. This on is a classic rock piece by Joe Satriani, Always With Me, Always With You.

This is the live version from the ‘Live at the Grove, Anaheim’ from the Satriani: Live! DVD.