Real Life by Lincoln Brewster Features Relaxing Guitar Licks

Lately, I have been listening to the music of Lincoln Brewster and am relaxed by somea of his songs, particularly, Loved By You from his album Real Life. I find not just the licks from axl guitars relaxing but the lyrics also. They are very reassuring and comforting especially thos eho are facing stress, trouble and trials. I would like to encourage readers to check out his album, Real Life and you will like songs like Reaching For You, Whom Shall I Fear (featuring Kari Jobe) and Real Life.

2nd Night of Summer Basketball Challenge 2013

Our church organized a basketball league for the whole month of May where ten teams are competing in two groups of 5 and then crossing over to each group to eliminate each other. The final four will be playing to win the 1st to the 3rd spots.

We had our jerseys printed for our team in Makati using a heat press machine which can also be used to print yard signs and other stuff It is a bit more expensive but quicker to finish so last Sunday when the league kicked off, we already had uniforms available. This Friday, is the second night for the Summer Basketball Challenge.