Playing Music You Like

Listening to the music of Lincoln Brewster always make me relaxed especially while in my own room, having a massage on a massage table I borrowed from my brother-in-law. I like the guitar solos he does and the different sounds of the effects he uses. The sounds may not be as varied as that of Audioslave’s guitarist who sounds like he’s using a line 6 pod farm but, Lincold still does the job of relaxing my being with his music. Play music while you relax. Select songs that you really like.

Expense Relieving Shopping Area

I have been visiting Quiapo and Raon area in Manila lately because many things we need in the church are available there. It all started this year when I started canvassing for some basketball jerseys and found a set for a cheap price. The next thing I searched for were shirts for our DVBS 2013. I really think they would have anything I was looking for except probably signs like silver dollars for sale. But it was such a great stress relief to shop for cheap materials in that area.