Do Not Stress Over Baggage Limit

Tomorrow I will be going to Ho Chi Minh for another trip. That will be my third trip there and I am now packing my bags for it. I have a 20kg baggage limit and to make sure that I do not bring too much, I am using some excellent Brass Cases & Gig Bags at WWBW and another back pack. Most of the stuff I’ll bring are for official use for some business and I wouldn’t want to get stressed by going over the baggage limit.

A Simple Tip for Online Workers

Getting stressed out by deadlines in my online job can really make me very distracted. Especially when there aren’t any online design tools available to use for my graphic work. I do not have much space for installing design tools software so for the long term, I guess it wiuld be best to get a new laptop or device. This would drastically save me some stress and trouble. This is called sharpening our ax. I may have the right tools but if am not able to maximize them then it would also leave me stressed out at work. Just a simple tip for those working online.