Music and Headache Relief

On our way back from looking around for an affordable EKS Pro Audio at musician’s friend, my wife had a terrible headache. We immediately stopped at a restaurant so she can sit down and rest. It was a restaurant that played classical ad fusion music, a fine dining restaurant. She felt soothed by the music she heard and in a few minutes, forgot about the headache.

Learning from this, everytime I have a headache, I now listen to good classical and fusion music. And each time, I feel the headache being relieved. Could there be a huge probabality of music being related to headache relief?

Listening to a Talk on Exercise and Proper Nutrition

I recently attended a seminar on weight loss and proper nutrition, but the thrust was particularly how to manage diabetes. The three speakers encourage a 3-point approach. The first is exercise, second is proper nutrition and third is the use of food supplements to gain mass or maintain and even lose weight, and has all the ingredients to help manage blood sugar.

The first two topics were what I appreciated the most. Exercise, of course, was the first one. The speaker taught about the 4-minute meta-fit workout. At first I thought it was easy but as I tried it, I realized and experienced how difficult it can get too. To try to do 10 to 15 repetitions of a particular exercise can be quite hard especially if the muscle groups used are not usually exercised. But the benefits of doing this regularly outweigh the initial pain one would feel when starting. Your body will progress, become stronger and will get used to the stress from the exercise. Eventually, routines which are not normally done and are difficult, will soon become the new normal. Continue reading

Volunteers in the Music Ministry

It is a blessing to see more and more people volunteering for church ministry. This lessens the burden for the few who help week after week. Especially in the area of music. When additional musicians volunteer and use their talents to serve God, the burden among others in the worship team is lifted quite a bit.

The church, then, has to step up by providing or raising money to provide additional instruments such as fender sonoran sce at musicians friend or other types, depending on the capability of the volunteer. Doing these things lessen the stress among church leaders and ministers.

Home Security and Stress

Security at home is essential if you want to lessen stress in your life. You can use different technology like security cameras and electronic alarm systems for guarding your home. This can give you better sleep than not having any form of security. When installing security cameras, it would help to have strategically placed quality lighting equipment like Axo lighting. Otherwise, areas where cameras are pointed won’t be visible. A good sense of security will get rid of those sleepless nights.