Can Fruit and Vegetables be Juiced Together?

Speaking of juicing, there have been a handful lot of articles going around that fruits and vegetables cannot be juiced together. Primary reason being, either enzymes cannot go together in one mix.

Some articles say that apple is the only fruit that can be juiced with vegetables in it and other fruits when mixed with vegetables will sabotage your digestive system which defeats the whole purpose of juicing altogether.

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Fasting for Detoxification

What is the best detoxification method out there? Is it juicing, a certain kind of fasting or something else? With the wide array of choices spread over the internet and social networks, it can get quite confusing, really.

It does make sense though that fasting can do out bodies a whole lot of good especially because it purges our bodies from accumulated toxins. It can help a handful lot though if you distract yourself and enjoy a hobby when you fast. Continue reading

Fitting in Your Dream Outfit

Shedding away body impurities takes a lot of effort from an individual. If you are going on a detox diet, might as well check on your doctor first. Ask affirmation and advice if your body is ready for the process, then a detox program will be given for you to follow.

Mostly, the program consists of eating organic foods and less “junk”. The intake of lots of fibers and water is very essential as to draw out the toxins from the inside. This is where you realize that pain is truly gain, and it’s all worth it. You’ll see after some time that you can wear your sexy Joe Rocket Jackets paired with skinny jeans. The dream outfit on your dream body!

Back In Your Curves

Ladies, just because you gained extra pound after giving birth does not mean you cannot go back to your sexy curves and power legs. Do not psyche yourself out. You may even think that it’s healthier that way. Well, maybe, but most certainly not. Remember, being fat does not necessarily mean healthy. And you don’t need the excess bulge of pregnancy. Continue reading