Can Fruit and Vegetables be Juiced Together?

Speaking of juicing, there have been a handful lot of articles going around that fruits and vegetables cannot be juiced together. Primary reason being, either enzymes cannot go together in one mix.

Some articles say that apple is the only fruit that can be juiced with vegetables in it and other fruits when mixed with vegetables will sabotage your digestive system which defeats the whole purpose of juicing altogether.

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Fasting for Detoxification

What is the best detoxification method out there? Is it juicing, a certain kind of fasting or something else? With the wide array of choices spread over the internet and social networks, it can get quite confusing, really.

It does make sense though that fasting can do out bodies a whole lot of good especially because it purges our bodies from accumulated toxins. It can help a handful lot though if you distract yourself and enjoy a hobby when you fast. Continue reading

Detoxifying the Heart and the Mind

Tomorrow is the last day of the week and a holiday follows right after it here in our country. I can’t help but think of a family activity like a picnic, a family outing or a fun activity like riding kids ATVs to relieve the whole family of some stress to detoxify the heart and mind. Though this may not necessarily detoxify the body, it can purify the mind and heart of tension brought about by demands during the week like work and school. Going out as a family is a quick way of detoxifying the mind and heart.