Can Fruit and Vegetables be Juiced Together?

Speaking of juicing, there have been a handful lot of articles going around that fruits and vegetables cannot be juiced together. Primary reason being, either enzymes cannot go together in one mix.

Some articles say that apple is the only fruit that can be juiced with vegetables in it and other fruits when mixed with vegetables will sabotage your digestive system which defeats the whole purpose of juicing altogether.

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Music and Headache Relief

On our way back from looking around for an affordable EKS Pro Audio at musician’s friend, my wife had a terrible headache. We immediately stopped at a restaurant so she can sit down and rest. It was a restaurant that played classical ad fusion music, a fine dining restaurant. She felt soothed by the music she heard and in a few minutes, forgot about the headache.

Learning from this, everytime I have a headache, I now listen to good classical and fusion music. And each time, I feel the headache being relieved. Could there be a huge probabality of music being related to headache relief?