Doing Little Things That Promote Good Health

Keeping yourself safe from disease and staying healthy can be done through the littlest things. Practicing proper hygiene like brushing your teeth every after meals, taking a bath regularly or at least twice a day, washing your hands or using a custom hand sanitizer before eating  – these simple things can help prevent diseases. Do these things and the chances of staying healthy will increase considerably. Do them not and expect your health to be affected. Don’t neglect little things that can help maintain good health.

Nuts and Cancer

In an article I read in Yahoo just recently, it listed some facts about cancer, some were new information I just read and some I already encountered before. One particular information that was familiar that I want to share is the relationship between eating some nuts and cancer.

A study involving around 120,000 men and women in the US showed that eating 160 calories worth of peanuts or tree nuts lowers the chances of death through cancer by 11 percent.

Now, here is a way that you can lessen the risk in an enjoyable way – eat more nuts. Because nuts, contain vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids that lower inflammation and cholesterol. It’s not exactly detoxification but having cancer-caused deaths lowered by 11 percent is significant, so start eating nuts everyday.

Can Fruit and Vegetables be Juiced Together?

Speaking of juicing, there have been a handful lot of articles going around that fruits and vegetables cannot be juiced together. Primary reason being, either enzymes cannot go together in one mix.

Some articles say that apple is the only fruit that can be juiced with vegetables in it and other fruits when mixed with vegetables will sabotage your digestive system which defeats the whole purpose of juicing altogether.

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