Revisiting Hong Kong

We are one week away from our marriage anniversary celebration which we do annually and for this year, my family and I are going to Hong Kong. It is not the first time that’s why we are excited because we will have a chance to return to Disneyland again and this time, wait for the fireworks display. This time of the year is the cold season so that is a nice change from the tropics but not as cold as having to wear winter clothes and yaktrax. I am now counting the days and am so excited.

Stress from Work and Christmas Party Preparations

The workplace is a huge source of stress especially these days that we are handling support for a big company’s peak season. Aside from that, my team and I are preparing for a Christmas party presentation and we are competing against other departments for a cash prize and for pride. This has become a source of stress for me even though I know that certain members of the team play guitar, a cool fender cabronita bass and I, drums. I hope we can come up with a good idea and produce a winning number.

Expense Relieving Shopping Area

I have been visiting Quiapo and Raon area in Manila lately because many things we need in the church are available there. It all started this year when I started canvassing for some basketball jerseys and found a set for a cheap price. The next thing I searched for were shirts for our DVBS 2013. I really think they would have anything I was looking for except probably signs like silver dollars for sale. But it was such a great stress relief to shop for cheap materials in that area.

Total Recall Summer Youth Camp 2013 Shirt Design

Total Recall, Camp Kabataan’s summer youth camp event this 2013 will start on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 and camp shirts will be readily available. We struck a deal with the same company that have been doing wholesale flyer printing, souvenirs and banners for us in the past years. The theme passage is 1 Timothy 4:12 and the base color is blue. I posted the proposal submitted by the concerned committee head and below is the approved design.

Total Recall summer youth camp 2013 shirt

Hot Summer Youth Camp at Tarlac

Just a few days to go until our summer youth camp at Capas, Tarlac and rest and relaxation has already escaped from me. But compared to other youth camp volunteers I am in a much better situation. My mind is more stressed than my body. Come camp, strength will also be needed. Especially with the temperature at Capas which feels like we are under horse blankets, we’ll burn energy faster so we have to keep ourselves well hydrated. Hydration will be very important then.