Ways Toxins are Cleansed from the Body

When it comes to detoxification of the body, there are many ways that it is done naturally. Below is a list of the ways that toxins are cleansed from the body.

1. Through the liver – for final elimination via the lungs, kidneys and intestinal tract

2. Through the lungs – these exhale poisonous Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other gaseous/ volatile waste products

3. Through the kidneys – the kidneys eliminate urea and other water-soluble toxins

4. Through the intestinal tract – this is the organ that eliminates both water and fat-soluble toxins plus the dietary wastes

5. Through the skin – the skin eliminates both water and fat-soluble products through evaporation, perspiration and oils (sebum)

6. Through the hair and nails – these eliminate some toxic substances, including heavy metals

7. Other ways that minor amounts of toxins are eliminated are through the tears, nasal secretions, phlegm, ear wax and menstrual flow

These are the different ways that the body cleanses itself from toxins.

Detoxify to Prevent Diseases

Why do we need to detoxify anyway? Is it really more than just a fad that people are obsessing over these days? Fact is, we do need to detoxify our system from toxin buildup that our bodies have accumulated through the years. Toxin elimination should be done so that our bodies will properly function. You will be surprised how much toxins are in the food that we eat and even water that we drink.

There are different ways of detoxification and it is up to the individual which procedure will be for you. It has been proven that toxins are what causes cancers and several diseases. With liver being one of the most vital organs of our body, its detoxification is necessary for our bodies to be able to function in their optimum level.

Detox Foot Pads

What exactly are detox foot pads? Does it really work? How exactly does it detoxify our body? A lot of claims have been made. It does have their scientific explanations how it works and there are real advantages with its use.


Most detox foot pads are worn around the feet before retiring to bed at night. A wearer is encouraged to use the detox foot pads for at least eight hours to maximize its benefits. A warm sensation will be felt around the area during the time of use. This is proof that detoxification is already in process.

You should expect the pads that are worn around your feet to be colored or even sticky when you take it off in the morning. These are the toxins that were trapped inside your body that were released with the help of the detox foot pads.

Things to Remember Before Detox

Detoxification is probably the only way our body gets rid of toxic substances from our bodies. We get toxins from the food we eat, from our everyday exposure to pollution, et. al. There are a handful of detoxification diets and medications in the market, but it does not mean all of them are good and reliable. You also have to be cautious and consult your doctor on your intention to undergo detoxification.

It would be better if you gradually detoxify by choosing to quit drinking alcohol, tobacco smoking and ingesting fatty and junk foods. Be guided accordingly by your doctor.

What are Toxins?

A toxin is an agent that is capable of harming any body system. The different classes of toxins are exogenous, endogenous or autogenous.


Exogenous toxins come from external sources like drugs, tobacco, exhaust fumes, lead, carbon monoxide, stimulants, nitrogen dioxide, amalgam fillings and sulphur dioxide. Included in t exogenous class are emotional factors such as stress, anxiety, depression and grief.


Endogenous toxins result from viral or bacterial infections, and the by-products of the metabolism of certain bacteria and yeasts that inhabit the bowel.


Autogenous toxins are generated be the body itself as a result of its metabolism like the acid in the stomach.