The Liver Detoxification Process

Liver being a vital organ of the body needs to undergo detoxification from time to time. Can you imagine all those medications you have taken from childhood until now? They all go through the liver. Its primary function is to filter the blood to normal levels that would allow our over all system to function as designed.



It would definitely interest anyone to know that around two quarts of blood go through the liver every single minute of your life. The filtration that the liver does is really amazing. Imagine the power the liver has to filter all the bacteria our of the blood and other toxins from the blood to have it go around the body.

A healthy liver filters out 99% of toxins. This is why it is extremely important to make sure the liver is not damaged. A damaged liver would only mean the heightened possibility of toxins getting into your body, because it will fail to function and filter the way it was built to. This is why a liver of an alcoholic person is at high risk of getting damaged. Jump start detoxification of your liver by taking out alcohol off the system and every possible drug dependency. Then later we could further look into a more aggressive type of liver detoxification.

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