One Unfortunate Morning

Morning exercises are one of the ways to promote healthy lifestyles; so every morning, I always take a walk or jog around the place where I stay before the sun goes up. This is also one of my ways to detoxify myself from the toxins through perspiration.

While walking around a corner, I accidentally stepped on a bubble gum with a piece of flyer sticking to it. The flyer, where an auto collision estimating software advertisement was written, was easy to detach but the bubble gum? It gave me a hard time! It was very uncomfortable running around with a bubble gum sticking to my shoe so I just went home and tried everything to get rid of the nasty gum. At last, gas was the solution to my problem.

The bubble gum was easily removed from my shoe but my morning ritual was already ruined, so I just made a cup of steaming hot coffee, went out to the porch, and watched the sun rising from the east.

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