Detox Activities for the Mind and Body

Body detoxification has not been as popular as it used to be but it still has a great following especially among health and wellness fanatics. I am not a total fan but have tried a lot of detox activities like oil pulling, body massage and aromatherapy. I have encountered different scents – from those with pinaud brand to natural essential oils. Although the focus of those activities may not have been primarily all for the body, a little bit of mental and stress detoxification does a lot of good to the whole body as well.

Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai Massage In One

This afternoon I am planning to visit a spa in one of the big malls in Pasig City. After an extensive workout and training with a 10th degree black belt from UK last Friday, my body felt sore and it still does. I have been advised to take pain relievers but did not do so because I do not believe that is healthy for me. Continue reading