Listening to a Talk on Exercise and Proper Nutrition

I recently attended a seminar on weight loss and proper nutrition, but the thrust was particularly how to manage diabetes. The three speakers encourage a 3-point approach. The first is exercise, second is proper nutrition and third is the use of food supplements to gain mass or maintain and even lose weight, and has all the ingredients to help manage blood sugar.

The first two topics were what I appreciated the most. Exercise, of course, was the first one. The speaker taught about the 4-minute meta-fit workout. At first I thought it was easy but as I tried it, I realized and experienced how difficult it can get too. To try to do 10 to 15 repetitions of a particular exercise can be quite hard especially if the muscle groups used are not usually exercised. But the benefits of doing this regularly outweigh the initial pain one would feel when starting. Your body will progress, become stronger and will get used to the stress from the exercise. Eventually, routines which are not normally done and are difficult, will soon become the new normal. Continue reading

Relaxing With ‘Always With Me, Always With You’ by Joe Satriani

When I feel down, stressed and need some relaxation, one thing I turn to aside from exercise is some relaxing music. I am a bit of a rocker so when I say relaxing music it’s not necessarily the oriental spa music. What I mean is the relaxing music of the rock genre where you hear Gretsch rock guitars or the like. This on is a classic rock piece by Joe Satriani, Always With Me, Always With You.

This is the live version from the ‘Live at the Grove, Anaheim’ from the Satriani: Live! DVD.

Swimming: Best Aerobic Workout

Swimming is a great aerobic workout. More muscles are used when you swim therefore the workout is more encompassing than any other workout. You can have your own swimming pool set up through or you can pay and rent a pool for your personal workout.


But first, you need to learn how to swim, of course. Otherwise, you will struggle in the water and instead of getting a workout, you will just use up time with no valid exercise accomplished. Try to learn how to swim and build your endurance and stamina through it.

Working Out with the Appropriate Music

I like working out with some music playing. Lately, I’ve been working out using the Insanity Workout video. I like the way the music in each part of the routines are well chosen. It allows my body to respond to the kind of action needed for the exercise. If it were a guitar or a banjo playing it might be difficult to make the music coincide with the given exercise but I’m glad that Insanity workout uses appropriate music for a real and insane workout.

List of things to Do to Relieve Stress

Instead of stressing yourself out figuring out where to find pandora charms, why not take a little breather and relax. You can watch a movie or a favorite tv series, spend time to exercise to flush the stress out, shoot a few rounds in your local shooting club, take a walk with your dog or wake a long drive. If you have lots of time in your hands you can take a break and have a vacation.