Music is My Great Escape

One of the things I do to relieve stress is to play music or listen to it. But playing instruments is more fun than just listening. Last night, however, one of the strings of my Ibanez acoustic guitar broke. It was a good thing I was able to find excellent buy guitar strings at a mall near us and I got a replacement quickly. It took some time before I finally replaced the whole set but when I did, I readily went back to recording and felt the relief again. A great escape, music is.

Music and Headache Relief

On our way back from looking around for an affordable EKS Pro Audio at musician’s friend, my wife had a terrible headache. We immediately stopped at a restaurant so she can sit down and rest. It was a restaurant that played classical ad fusion music, a fine dining restaurant. She felt soothed by the music she heard and in a few minutes, forgot about the headache.

Learning from this, everytime I have a headache, I now listen to good classical and fusion music. And each time, I feel the headache being relieved. Could there be a huge probabality of music being related to headache relief?

Music for Motivation

Depending on your mood you can actually use music to relax, invigorate or even pump you up for some activity. Those who appreciate music so much can listen to a variety of instruments such as marvelous La Voz reeds at WWBW, rhythmic patterns on congas, piano instrumentals and even hip hop music and use them to help motivate themselves for their activity. Exercise, for example, can be made less boring through some music and that’s just one of the many activities where you can use music.

Playing Music While Running

Music is one great tool in exercising and indirectly, detoxification as well. People who jog or run utilize music to keep them motivated as they exercise on a tread mill, a path on the park or the route you take to the office. Playing music through your in-ear or Bluetooth stereo headset does not necessarily mean you have to play it loud like you’re using an Egnater Tweaker for your electric guitar but loud enough to help you focus on your running.