Detox Activities for the Mind and Body

Body detoxification has not been as popular as it used to be but it still has a great following especially among health and wellness fanatics. I am not a total fan but have tried a lot of detox activities like oil pulling, body massage and aromatherapy. I have encountered different scents – from those with pinaud brand to natural essential oils. Although the focus of those activities may not have been primarily all for the body, a little bit of mental and stress detoxification does a lot of good to the whole body as well.

The Oil Pulling Therapy Process

The process of oil pulling therapy is relatively easy. All you have to do is make sure is rinse mouth upon waking up and put a table spoon of sunflower oil or virgin coconut oil inside the mouth and swish the oil for twenty minutes. Make sure you swish the oil around the mouth and not just have it stay inside for twenty minutes.

Be careful not to tilt your head back or else you might risk ingesting the oil that is full of toxins. Do this from once to thrice a day. After twenty minutes spit out the oil on the toilet bowl and make sure to brush your teeth well.  Use a mouthwash to make sure no toxin stays in your mouth.

Benefits of Oil Pulling Therapy Method of Detoxification

There are several benefits to doing the oil pulling therapy. Like a lot of detoxification methods, it flushes out toxins off your body. Aside from the obvious health benefits, it involves practically no cost.

Some of the health benefits are whiter teeth, regularity of bowel movement, smoother complexion. Bad breath is also taken care of. People with insomnia could actually experience better sleep with oil pulling therapy. Migraines are also eradicated. These are just few of the benefits that can be experienced by someone who undergoes oil pulling therapy.

Oil Pulling Therapy

All diseases start in the mouth – this is the theory behind the oil pulling therapy. Another alternative for those people who considers detoxification.

Oil Pulling Therapy uses edible oil, whether sunflower oil or virgin coconut oil and swishing a tablespoon inside the mouth for 20 minutes. The theory is that the oil magnetizes the toxins out of the body. Pulling the bad elements off our body when you spit it out.

Oil Pulling: Another Detoxification Method

If you haven’t heard of Oil Pulling, then you are fortunate enough to bump into this post which will talk about this method of detoxification. This is a detox method or therapy that has a few simple steps.

First, to start this detoxification method called Oil Pulling, one must start the day, first thing in the morning, when the stomach is still empty and no other liquid including water has been taken yet, by taking one tablespoon of oil, sesame, sunflower or whatever oil is preferred, and putting the tablespoon of oil in the mouth.

The second step is to gargle or swish the oil in the mouth without swallowing. Do the gargling as if the oil is a mouth wash but do not tilt your head back and gargle in your throat. As this is done, the oil will get more watery as saliva is naturally produced and added to the oil.

This Oil Pulling should be done for at least twenty minutes as the oil-saliva mixture becomes thicker. This mixture then will start to pull out toxins from the body.

After the twenty minute period is up, spit out the mixture. It is recommended that it is spat into the toilet bowl due to the mixtures toxicity. The next step is to rinse the mouth with warm water, a mouth wash, or a diluted hydrogen peroxide to remove the toxins left in the mouth.

All these steps are very simple. And that is what Oil Pulling is – another way detoxification.