Assessing Detox Needs Through Reflexology

Reflexology, an ancient art, can be used as a diagnostic technique. This is based on the principle that certain reflexes, specific points on the hands and feet , are indirectly related to all other organs, structures and functions of the body.

In reflexology, used as a complementary therapy, the areas are mapped out on the feet and the hands, with right corresponding to right and left corresponding to left. Diagnosis is done by applying pressure to reflex points reveals areas of tenderness and these help pinpoint parts of the body that are especially affected by toxicity.

In this complementary therapy, the tender spots are massaged using tiny pressure movements. This is thought to stimulate nerves into sending messages to distant organs and relieving symptoms. The art of reflexology is known to improve circulation, and normalize body functions. It is also known to relieve a variety of toxicity-related symptoms like migraine, mucus congestion, digestive problems and stress.